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J Dyer Wonderful treatment - a truly good customer experience. Alyn, you rock!
K Williams Absolutely brilliant surgery - friendly and welcoming.  They have given me my smile back.  Thank you to all.
E Palla As a nervous patient I was awful when I first started my treatment. Alyn made me feel at ease and he has the patience of a saint. The difference in me before and after is amazing. I would recommend Pontcanna Dental Care to anyone. Big thank you to Carrol and Cherry - lovely ladies.
T Holland When I  first visited Charlie I was suffering with a raging gum infection, I was so phobic about dentistry that I had not seen a dentist for over 15 years.  From the moment he greeted me, sat down opposite me and listened to how I had been extremely traumatised by a school dentist, I started to feel at ease and reassured, by the end of our chat I had a true feeling of calm and understanding.  It was quite obvious he was dedicated to his profession.  From then on, his expert attention, pain free treatments, constant reassurance, caring and understanding, have enabled me to re-establish regular visits.  Each procedure is always explained with great clarity before any work is undertaken, time and patience are always given to provide reassurance to any of my concerns, and Charlie has always maintained a calming influence of my fears and worries and always affirms that I am always in charge, (Yes it's true!!)

The after care is extremely good, and Charlie is always available on his mobile, to offer advice or answer any concerns.  I am so impressed by the continuity of care taken over every aspect of my treatments, it is very comforting to know I not only have the best dentist but also someone I can trust completely Charlie is a dental perfectionist!!!  Thanks Charlie for 20 years of excellent care and for giving me back my confidence and trust.  That's why I continue to travel from Broadway to Cardiff!!!!!  I would not hesitate in recommending you and your highly professional friendly practice.
P Medhurst Excellent staff and service – 45 years a patient – Charlie, Alyn and staff have continued the good service of Mr Watson-James.
Tanya Pontcanna Dental Care on Cathedral Road is private dentist, I should make clear for anyone who's looking for an NHS dentist. I've been going to this dentist all my life, and only through recent discussion with friends about their own personal dental experiences have I realised how wonderful this dentist is. So I thought I'd let you all know!  One of those lovely old houses along Cathedral Road is the setting for this practice. You find yourself in a cosy hallway and front room waiting room, where there are coffees (lattes, americanos, cappuccinos) and soft drinks on offer. There is also free wi-fi, should you feel the need to Yelp while you wait. The waiting room has a bay window to trees outside, so is an exceptionally lovely and calming space to wait in. The receptionist is lovely, and has that rare ability to make idle chat seem genuine.  When you're actually in the chair, there's a screen showing undersea documentaries to distract you from all other goings on. The service is always relaxed, friendly, and very professional. You are not pressured into getting any extra work done, as I've heard a few people complain about with private care, and the price is far more reasonable than what other people I know have paid.  In short, this is a dentist I'm not scared to phone up and get an appointment at.
C Williams I have never regretted coming here - it's like coming back to see your family.  It's all smiles, please keep it up.  Thank you ever so much.
K Williams A huge thank you to Alyn (my Dentist) and Eleaneor (my Hygenist) both of whom have given me back my smile and the most fantastic care and treatment I could wish for. Also to Cherry and Carrol who look after all on arrival, Lynn, Cassie and Jenna the fab nurses. This is not just dental care of the highest standard, but a calming happy place to be.
V Dennison Charlie is brilliant!  Cheltenham's loss is Cardiff's gain - we are happy to travel and wouldn't go anywhere else!
J Newman Visits are always a pleasure, never a pain (pun intended).  Love the relaxed and informal atmosphere.
C Phillips A pleasure as always.  Alyn and Jenna are great.  Really appreciate Alyn taking a look at my three year old’s teeth.  I’m confident that he will always be happy to take trips to the dentist because of this.
G Adams When I came to this practice I was very anxious - there was no need.  Charlie put me at complete rest.  He was so gentle and helped me all the way through.  I will pass on his name - an excellent visit.
D B At Pontcanna Dental Care, Charlie and the team are the exact definition of "what personal private dentistry" should be. Thank you all!
Ms S M Thank you Charlie for being so patient and understanding. You have given me so much more confidence in myself knowing in the future I will be able to have my teeth and smile back. You really dont realise how happy this makes me.
A Rees For the first time in 5 years I went to see the Dentist today. Its not the needles or procedures that scare me off but the fear of the Dentist shouting at me! So I finally plucked up the courage when an enticing Groupon offer appeared and this morning I made my way to Pontcanna Dental Care for a checkup with the Dentist and Oral Hygienist.  This was a far cry from my childhood experiences of NHS Dentists, clinical waiting rooms and dog eared readers digests. I was welcomed into a lovely waiting room on Cathedral road with fresh coffee, this months Esquire Magazine and a smiling staff member who made me comfortable and talked through my fears about Dentists. She calmed me down alot and discussed why I had finally come!  While filling in the initial application form the first question was “Please state your preferred musical tastes”. I can see it doesnt fit on a dentist’s registration form now, but nerves had taken over so I duly popped down Rufus Wainright and tried to remember the date of my last checkup…  When I walked into the consulting room the operatic melancholy of Rufus was oozing from the speakers and I was welcomed by my Dentist Charlie! He and his staff were so friendly and welcoming and dare I say, I had a good time at my dentists. All of the procedures and tests were explained simply and I was even given a guided tour of my mouth on the big screen.  I came away with a new tooth brush and toothpaste and a much more positive attitude to my return for a filling next week. An excellent example of Customer Service.
S Carruthers Charles is not only my dentist but also my friend.  This statement coming from someone who, from the age of six, was terrified of the word ‘dentist’ must be a revelation!  Having moved into the area five years ago, I had not idea where to find a good dentist.  I was recommended to go to Charles because he was so kind and caring – this certainly proved to be true.  Nothing is ever too much trouble and I can honestly say that my ‘fear’ has completely disappeared – for the first time in almost fifty years!  As you can imagine, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be able to sit in a dentist’s chair and laugh, but I do – frequently!
K Welfare Good luck, not that you’ll need it, from someone who would follow you anywhere!
F Gearon Charles has totally changed my whole attitude to dentists and dentistry, something I would never have thought possible.  For the very first time, my deep rooted fear and I were treated with great care, understanding and respect.  He treats everyone in a professional but always gentle and caring manner.  Not only is he a talented dentist but also a warm and genuine person.  My very first visit to him sticks vividly in my mind as I was shaking so badly and barely able to speak.  Charles explained in a way that I would understand exactly what my treatment was to be and how he would go about it.  He reassured me constantly and managed to convince me that I would be in control at all times.  I started to trust him and have never looked back.  On completion of my treatment and much to my amazement, Charles and his wonderful nurse rang me at home to make sure that I was okay.  I remember thinking then, that I had truly met the dentist of my dreams.  I have since visited Charles every three months and taken my young son who I am delighted to say will grow up knowing nothing other than relaxed, pain free, preventative tooth care.  I walk into the surgery with not a trace of anxiety or trepidation something that still amazes everyone who knows me and remembers how phobic I was.  When I leave it feels like I’ve been visiting old friends, my teeth look better than they ever have and my self confidence has grown because of it.  Charles is a very special person, I owe him a huge thankyou and truly believe he is the Dentist of the Century!!!!
J Kemp Where do I begin, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing, unique work you have created.  As a cosmetic clinic owner I was thrilled by the level of expertise, support and customer service I received both prior to treatment and throughout.  To be able to smile and laugh without the fear of people looking at my teeth sticking out or gaps on the side of my teeth is phenomenal.  I feel a free spirit, I finally feel confident enough to talk, laugh, smile just as I want to, my teeth now match my smiley, bubbly personality. Being insecure about the gaps in my teeth since I was a young girl, has more or less ruined my life and ruined my confidence.  I always doubted myself, tried not to smile when people to the side of me and would never like pictures taken from my side profile.

The difference to me is above and beyond what I was expecting and how it is not noticeable to the normal eye but even my uncle said he remembered I had gaps in my teeth and is so subtle but has improved my smile massively.  I will forward some before and after shots to you.  Once again I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and perfect customer service, I will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know.
S Woolven Charles has made all the difference to the comfort of my mouth - and my feelings about dental/dentist fear.  Until finding Charles I dreaded going to see the dentist but now it is a pleasure.  Finally my teeth are in such good condition, constant work is no longer necessary.  Charles is the most caring dentist I have ever met.