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Check your medical details.

Many medical conditions and medications can have significant effects on your oral health.

Listen to your needs.

We want you to express your concerns and long term desires for the health and appearance of your mouth.  We will ensure we understand them and then explain to you the possibilities available to help you.

Address any acute problems you may have.

If you feel you have a problem, we do too.  We will always try to address this on your first visit and endeavour to address it as soon as we can.

Soft tissue examination (oral cancer screen).

We check all of your mouth for signs of oral cancer - tongue, cheeks, lips, palate and floor of mouth. Oral cancer is uncommon but certainly not rare, and rates have risen by more than 20% in the last 30 years.  But if found early it can be treated with a good prognosis.

Check all of your teeth and restorations.

We record their health and condition so that if you have problems in the future we have a map to work from.  A healthy mouth is linked to good health and costs less to look after.

Gum health and your home care.

The main cause of tooth loss is gum disease.  We perform the Pontcanna Periodontal Screen to monitor your gum health, which checks the amount of deposits in your teeth, the prescence of any gum disease, and whether there has been any loss of gum and bone support around the teeth. Your mouth is then scored and, if indicated, pocket depth measurements are taken to monitor more serious areas of gum disease.

Tooth wear and chewing function

We check that you can eat comfortably and efficiently, as well as look at the wear on your teeth that can be caused by attrition, erosion and abrasion.  We will advise you on how to prevent this and, if treatment is indicated, discuss the options available to you.

Examine your jaw joints.

We look for and record clicks and other problems with your jaw movement and will then make recommendations as appropriate.

Take diagnostic radiographs (x-rays).

Where indicated, these are taken to look for decay, levels of bone support and to help with diagnosis of specific problems.

Guided tour of your mouth.

Once we have gathered all the information from your examination, we will show you your mouth either with a special camera on the viewing screen or with a mirror, highlighting any areas that need treatment.

Discussion of your treatment plan.

We divide your treatment into sections covering, i) what is required for a healthy mouth, ii) your cosmetic needs (healthy looking smile), and iii) what you may need in the long term. We will discuss with you the options available to you so you can make an informed decision.

Explanation of fees.

The cost of the various treatment options will be discussed and the various payment options available to you will be explained. Our Membership Plan will also be explained at this time, so if you choose to join you can start enjoying the benefits right away!