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Inlays and onlays are precise shaped pieces of porcelain that restore the missing parts of your tooth. They are very strongly bonded onto the tooth using special adhesives. They don’t always replace the use of crowns but often enable use to keep much more of the healthy tooth structure, require less drilling and so less trauma to the tooth itself, and finally, do not discoluor with time as white fillings do.

We will  gently numb the area with a local anaesthetic.

Gently polish away any old filling, decay or weakened tooth strucure.

An exact impression is taken of what remains of the tooth that is to be restored and the adjacent teeth so that a dental technician can make the inlay or onlay.

A temporary filling is then placed to protect the tooth while the technician makes the inlay or onlay .

On the day of fitting we gently clean and condition the tooth, place a strong adhesive glue on the inlay or onlay and cement into place.  While seated, we may make small adjustments, so that the tooth is comfortable to bite on.


1. Inlays and onlays are strong and can last longer than fillings.
2. They are especially suitable for the chewing surfaces of back teeth and for large repairs to front teeth, where it can be difficult to make a white filling look natural.
3. Your dentist can match the colour to your other teeth.
4. The colour stays stable for a longer period of time.