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A lifelong alternative to removable dentures, loose dentures and missing teeth, implants can provide you with strong, stable teeth replacements that simulate the natural root and tooth structure.  Amazingly there is very little pain.  There is some discomfort, but we are extremely careful with all of our pain management at Pontcanna Dental Care.

Who can have implants?

You need to have healthy gums, and enough bone to take the implant, although techniques are available to add additional bone if needed.  You must also be prepared to maintain good oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly.

You need to be in good general health.  Some chronic diseases, such as diabetes, osteoporosis or chronic sinus problems, could interfere with healing and make implants more likely to fail.  Please tell us about any medicines that you take regularly, and about your smoking habits.  Smoking may well shorten the life of your implant.


Where a single tooth is missing

An implant is quick and simple to fit and requires no drilling of your own teeth.  They can be used to replace a tooth that is about to be lost maybe due to the tooth splitting, a crown failing, failed root treatment, decay or even gum disease.

Where more than one tooth is missing

Multiple missing teeth can be replaced with implant retained dentures or bridges, all provided at Pontcanna Dental Care.  For the replacement of multiple teeth, we feel that dental implant retained dentures represents the best value for comfort, appearance and function.

Implants – Full Arch / Whole Jaw

Where a full set of teeth are missing in one or both jaws, your teeth can be replaced in three ways.  Our three options for full arch (or whole jaw) dental implant treatments (and who they are suitable for) are described below.

Dentures retained by implants.

The most cost-effective way to replace a whole jaw of teeth is to use implants to tightly hold a specially designed implant denture.  The denture still rests on the gum but this solves that age-old problem of dentures not staying still when you talk and eat.

Permanently fixed implant-bridge teeth.

It is quite straightforward to manufacture custom titanium frameworks with a full set of acrylic or porcelain teeth fixed permanently to them. The full set is then screwed into place onto your implants.  Acrylic teeth are the more cost-effective option, they require fewer implants while still providing excellent aesthetics. However, the teeth wear out more quickly but can easily be replaced.
They can also be repaired the same day if they are accidently broken.  Porcelain teeth are stronger, last longer, and enable us to replace more teeth.

We expose the bone in the jaw where the tooth is missing.  Then a hole is drilled and the implant is inserted into the bone.  This is usually done under a local anaesthetic, but sometimes sedation or a general anaesthetic is necessary.  The gum is then stitched over the implant and it’s left to heal for several months.  This allows bone to grow around the implant and to make it secure.

A second procedure is then planned, in which replacement teeth are mounted onto the implant.  This requires a small cut in the gum above the implant.  Once the soft tissues have healed, the replacement teeth may be fixed permanently or attached in a way that lets you remove them for cleaning.  The replacement teeth might be single or in a group, and possibly as a ‘bridge’, attached to neighboring natural teeth.


Dental Implant Bridges are a fantastic alternative to traditional methods of replacing missing teeth:

Implants look better, and work better than traditional dentures.

They feel like your own teeth.

Implants traditionally last a lot longer than alternative treatments.

Implants are based on a titanium ‘root’ which is immune to decay and ultra strong.  The implant provides a secure base on which we can fit either porcelain or acrylic teeth to replace the ones you have lost.

Our implants placed by Ian Seddon and his team who have extensive knowledge and experience in this specific area - we have worked closely together for a number of years.  We then handle all the restorative work in your familiar surroundings at the practice.

Find out more about Ian Seddon and the team on their website.