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White (or tooth coloured) fillings enable us to help your teeth look healthy and natural.  This is achieved by building up the filling with layers of different filling material to reflect the different layers that make up a real tooth structure.  The materials used at Pontcanna Dental Care to create your fillings have been developed by experts and have been used to create thousands of long-lasting, good-looking fillings.  The methods we use are gentle and safe and have a proven track record of success.

What happens at Pontcanna Dental Care?

We will usually numb the area around the tooth without you feeling it, while some cavities are so small you will not even need to be numbed up.  We then remove any decay or old filling material using a small high-speed diamond drill.  This results in a very clean tooth and no sensations whilst the tooth is being prepared.  The tooth is then washed, dried and the surface conditioned to help the new filling stick better.  A special bonding agent is then applied to act as cement between the filling and the tooth.  We then gently place and shape the filling into the tooth to restore the tooth to a natural state.  The filling is then set hard with a special light (known as curing).  This means once the numbness has worn off you can chew on the tooth straight away. Finally the filling is trimmed, polished and your bite checked.


1. The filling sticks to the tooth unlike metal fillings.  So can often be used to repaired teeth without any need to remove further tooth structure.
2. If tooth needs preparing less tooth is removed compared to metal fillings.
3. They are mercury free.
4. Can be bonded straight on to unprepared tooth to improve appearance.
5. Are great for small filling at back of the mouth but larger cavities at the back may be better srestored by having a laboratory made inlay or crown.